Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Galaxy S6 bendgate - Samsung says "you're holding it wrong"

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 is only now arriving at the stores, but it was already put to the same bending tests derived from Apple's iPhone 6 Plus "bendgate". And Samsung didn't like to see the results showing the Galaxy S6 Edge bending and cracking more easily than the iPhone 6 Plus; at least, it seems to have been enough for them to say "you're doing it wrong".

While Samsung was quick to make fun of Apple's "bendgate", it now says these tests were not done right and request the company to test them again in the way Samsung says.

Samsung starts by saying that the test is applying too much pressure, well above what a device will face - even if a user sits on it (seems they didn't care about that when it was Apple's devices under scrutiny); and also saying that the S6 Edge should have been tested with the screen facing downwards... or, as they use to say "you're holding ir wrong"!

Guess Tim Cook and the staff at Apple that had to endure the bendgate crisis are now enjoying a "sweet revenge" moment at Cupertino.

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