Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Apple employees will get an Apple Watch at half-price

Looks like Christmas has came early this year, provided you work for Apple and are eager to get an Apple Watch. Tim Cook has announced they'll have a 50% discount on the upcoming Apple Watch.

I'm sure Apple wouldn't have a problem with people lining up to get their Apple Watches (tough it's actually fighting it, by making people order online and making a reservation to pick them up at the stores), but this is certainly a nice way to add thousands more Apple Watches on the wrists of their employees (roughly 66 thousand on USA alone).

50% discount on Apple Watch sure makes for an unbeatable deal, and even if someone doesn't want an Apple Watch, I can imagine they'll have plenty of friends begging them to get it anyway, for them. Now, keep in mind the 50% discount doesn't apply to the gold edition - just in case you were wondering; but even so, apple will give you the same discount as for the priciest Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Sport ranges from $349 to $399 (with savings of up to $200); while the steel edition ranges from $549 to $1099, resulting in a discount of up to $550 - the same amount Apple will offer employees willing to buy the $10000 (or more) gold Apple Watch Edition.

Pre-orders will open up a couple of days from now, and I guess Apple has already taken into account that at least 66 thousand units will be instantly sold (not that it will mean much among the "millions" they'll most likely sell at launch.

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