Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Samsung has 200 person team working on screens for Apple

Enemies on the court, friends on other areas, the relationship between Apple and Samsung is hard to define. But now things seem to be getting better, as Samsung has created a 200 person team on their Display Division, working solely for Apple products.

No matter how they may feel, Apple and Samsung still need each other. There are still lots of Samsung components on Apple products; and Samsung appreciates the fact of having a customer buying hundreds of millions of them. And that business relation seems to be improving with this new team for Apple displays working in a compartmentalized way so that their info doesn't leak to other teams.

It's something that makes us believe that Apple may finally be considering moving on to OLED displays instead of LCDs, now that the technology has matured and proven it can surpass LCDs (the Galaxy S6 screen was considered the best ever). The move to OLED screens would allow Apple to make even thinner iPhones and iPads (or use larger batteries), and the possibility of using curved screens would be especially interesting for wearable devices like Apple Watch.

Even tough Samsung might want to keep their excellent OLED displays for their own devices, it's easy to account the advantages of selling a few hundred millions more - not to mention that, if it's not them, then Apple will simply procure them in one of their competitors; which is certainly not in Samsung's best interest.

So, don't be surprised if next year's iPhones and iPads will come out with brand new and better than ever Super AMOLED screens.

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