Thursday, April 16, 2015

You can now "Find my phone" on Google

We've been able to locate our Android devices for quite a while now, thanks to Android Device Manager, but this feature will now be easier than ever to use, as you can simply ask Google to find your phone.

When we're desperately trying to find a missing, lost, or stolen phone, the last we want to think about is "what the heck was that address I could use to locate my phone?" That's precisely why Google has made it a lot easier to use: you need only head to Google's search page and type "find my phone" to see where it is (provided you're logged in into the same Google account as your device).

Should you have multiple Android devices (smartphones, tablets) you can select which one you want to locate, and there's a quick option to make it ring so you can more easily find it. If you click on the device location you'll be directed to the full Android Device Manager webpage, where you'll be able to remotely lock it or even erase it, if it comes to that - though I still think it would be nice for Google to give us the option to show a message on the device (useful to provide a reward and contact info message, for example).

Just keep in mind that the "lost" device must have an internet connection for all this to work, but all things considered it really is a much nicer way to help users find their devices than having them remember they should head to an "Android Device Manager" page. :)

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