Friday, April 17, 2015

New Chrome for iOS gets widgets and extensions

If you felt no browser ever stood a chance of standing up to Safari on iOS, then it's time you give Chrome another chance. The latest version adds widgets and iOS extensions support, making it better than ever... and with a few nice details, the kind Apple used to be proud of.

After being bashed for years for the lack of widgets, iOS finally got it, and the latest Chrome for iOS is putting them to good use. The Chrome widget is simple and small enough not to clutter your widget are, but does the trick: one button to open up a new tab; one other button to initiate a voice search. This last one shows us just how easily Google could get its Google Now voice commands working on iOS, which would be of special interest should it actually launch Android Wear for iOS.

Chrome also gets iOS extension support, meaning you'll now be able to easily use 1Password and LastPass apps to enter your password on websites. And then we get this:

Google implemented an very clever new "pull to reload" that allows you to also close the current tab as well as open a new one. You just pull down the page, and can then - while still holding down your finger, slide left or right, dragging the selection marker either way. It works amazingly well, and makes us wonder why Google does this sort of neat thing on iOS... and not on its own Android.

Well... let's hope it eventually finds its way into Chrome for Android.

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