Thursday, May 21, 2015

Doogee Valencia 2 goes for 2.5D glass

We're reaching a tipping point, where even lesser-known smartphone manufacturers are creating devices that rival the established brands. With its new Valencia 2, Doogee is stepping up in that ladder, and it relies on a full metal back and 2.5D glass screen to stand out.

Apple's iPhone 6 brought us a slightly curved glass referred to as a 2.5D glass. Contrary to what most might think, this isn't the first time a smartphone uses a 2.5D curved glass screen. Back in 2009, Nokia had already adopted a similar glass for its 6700 Symbian smartphone.

Then, what exactly is 2.5D glass? Actually, it’s a technical term that refers to a glass pane which is a little bit thicker in the middle and has curved edges are curved to create a visual effect of a waterdrop lying on the glass.
Besides looking great, it's also more natural to hold and operate as you don’t feel any edges or corners. However, 2.5D glass is not without flaws.

Being thicker on the middle of the screen means it's also more exposed, making it more fragile and breakable without the protection of the frame. Also, is complex manufacturing process makes it more expensive. That didn't stop Doogee from using a 2.5D screen on the Valencia2 Y100 Pro - and will do the same for its upcoming flagship.

While some other "low cost phones" might be spotted a mile away, with these Doogee models, it's more likely people around you will look puzzled, trying to identify what it is: not because it looks "low cost", but because it looks high-end.

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