Friday, May 22, 2015

Google Maps learns to avoid traffic delays

Google's Waze acquisition showing its fruits, and Google Maps finally learns a new (old) trick: the ability to alert you of any delays ahead and showing you possible alternate routes to save you time.

If you're a regular Waze user there's nothing to see here, you can move along (and if you aren't you should be!) Wazers are already used to trusting their smartphones when it suddenly routes you off your main course. If you don't, most of the time you'll end up stuck in a long traffic jam, with no way to escape it. And now, the same thing will happen in Google Maps navigation as well.

Google seems to have waited for Memorial Day, one of the most traffic heavy days in the US, to launch this new Google Maps app that will let you know of any impending delays on your route, not only when you're planning it but also while you're driving - including the reason why it might be suggesting you an alternate route.

If you use Waze, or any number of other GPS navigation apps, you'll already be use to this sort of features. But if you regularly use Google Maps for navigation, then you'll certainly find it to be a very nice feature to have. Now... if only the Google Maps team could lend a hand to revamp Waze visual style and bring it up to "material design's" standards....

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