Tuesday, May 19, 2015

EZTV is dead - taken over by scammers

After nearly 10 years, EZTV is no more. Its creator has given up on trying to regain his pet project, and all EZTV sites and related accounts now belong to scammers trying to make as much profit as possible from the hard earned reputation the site acquired over the years.

EZTV is/was one of the most popular torrent sites for people wishing to get their fix of tv series and programs. Regular users have probably noticed that a few days ago, the site started showing popup/popunder ads... Unlike other torrent sites, EZTV never strayed from it's original path, allowing only TV programs and never asking for money or flooding the visitors with spam/ads.

Although some won't see past the copyright infringing pirate site, it truly was site for TV fans, the ones that help keep TV shows alive - even though they might download an episode they otherwise might only see on their TVs some weeks later.

How did it come to this? A while back EZTV had its eztv.it domain suspended, and it moved to eztv.ch. Something no one would suspect to be the "beginning of the end" for EZTV. The domain was later brought back to life, but it was now under the control of scammers, that copied everything from the real site and trying to pass themselves as the "real" EZTV.

Being one of the most popular pirate sites makes it a highly valuable target, and these scammers had a well devised plan to take over all of it. The scammers registered a UK company with the same name of the one used by NovaKing (EZTV's founder) to register his domains. With a few added fake details, they were able to gain control of eztv.se domain. A domain that would ruin it all, as it was the domain used by NovaKing for his email.

With access to the email account, these scammers were able to quickly take over all the digital assets: social accounts, domain names, and everything else. While NovaKing tried to get it back, he soon find himself in the odd position of having to prove he was the real owner, and not he one wishing to take over other people's accounts.

He finally decided it simply wasn't worth it... and will now move away from the digital spotlights, with the sad knowledge his past 10 years' work was taken over by these nasty characters.

Some will say it's poetic justice for someone pirating other people's content to have his own creation taken away; other will simple mourn the loss of the best TV series torrent site out there. No matter what, you should simply cross EZTV sites from your memory, and never visit them again. As we all know, when a space opens up on the internet, it usually doesn't take long from some new site to pop up and take its place. In fact, that's precisely how EZTV came to be...

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