Monday, May 25, 2015

Microsoft OneClip is a cloud based clipboard

Ever felt the need to copy-paste something between your computer and mobile device, or between different computers? Well, Microsoft is about to make your life easier, thanks to the upcoming OneClip.

A lot has changed since the days when having a single computer at home was considered a luxury. Today you'll have a couple of computers and smartphones and tablets around, and having your usage spread among all of them. Sure, we already have powerful tools like PushBullet that help us manage our multiple devices and platforms, but this OneClip from Microsoft will remind us that these features are bound to become a "must-have" and not only a "nice thing to have".

With OneClip you can simply copy a link, text, or even images, in one device, and have them immediately available on your other devices. The content is automatically categorized, so you can quickly check just the urls, or images, or addresses, and there's even the option to keep specifica apps from sending its data to the cloud (useful if want to copy-paste passwords, for instance).

For now OneClip is still in beta, but one can imagine Microsoft to have it officially available in all major platforms by the time Windows 10 ships. In fact, this is the kind of feature Windows 10 really could/should have had as standard. Next step... copy-pasting between friends? :)

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