Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Paper can now help you draw perfect diagrams

The Paper app (that recently became free) is considered one of the best apps to turn your iPad into the digital equivalent of a piece of paper, where you can write or draw at will. Now, it will also help you turn your awkward diagrams into neat looking drawings.

The big problem with drawing is that most of the time the end result has little to do with what we really intended to draw. Now, Paper will be able to give an helping hand in creating masterpiece diagrams thanks to the new Think Kit tools.

With these tools, our circles, boxes and lines are "magically" transformed into perfectly shaped objects that we can easily edit with a few taps. Ensuring no more fumbling with a badly drawn mess that will inspire iPad-throwing desires.

Even though it won't do the work for you, the help it gives should be enough for anyone with (or without) basic drawing skills to create masterful diagrams in a very shor time. The worse thing will probably be going back to actual paper, and find out that our hand drawn circles are actually more potato like than we'd like to admit, and our rectangles and lines would probably be considered a not so fine piece of undecipherable modern art. :)

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