Thursday, May 14, 2015

Order a pizza by tweeting a pizza emoji at Domino's

Ever wondered what emoji's are good for? If you love Domino's pizza, you'll soon find out why. Soon, you'll be able to order a pizza on Twitter by simply tweeting a pizza emoji.

The popular Domino's is about to start taking orders via Twitter, and you'll be able to order your favorite pizza by simply typing the pizza emoji (how's that for a practical emoji use? :) And before you start worrying about unintended orders arriving at your doorstep after you tweeted a pizza emoji, you'll need to confirm the order first (which kind of defeats the purpose of ordering a pizza with a single emoji.. but hey, better safe than sorry.)

Though this can be seen as a publicity stunt, there's no "stunt" in the sense that over half of Domino's orders are already made "digitally", and more and more people use the internet and apps to place their orders. That's why Domino's now wants to embrace Twitter as an ordering platform... which will surely be appreciated by all those wishing for a pizza on twitter, now that it's only an emoji away.

Let's see if this move will inspire others to do the same, following the people/customers to where they are and the services they use - instead of simply waiting/requiring people to come to them. It's just a pity that Domino's doesn't (yet) deliver in Portugal, but I can't complain... as I have very good pizzas just a couple miles from home. :)

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