Friday, May 15, 2015

Windows 10 will come with Candy Crush Saga installed

We already knew Windows would come with Solitaire pre-installed, but it seems the classic Windows games will not be the only ones Windows' users will be able to play. Candy Crush Saga will also be present after you install Windows 10, and it's not like everyone "likes it".

Microsoft has announced that will not only be having the classic Solitaire, Hearts and Minesweeper, with Windows 10, but also other games, like Candy Crush Saga by King. This game will be included with Windows 10 - meaning, it will be right there from the start, whether you like it or not.

As you'd expect, not everyone likes it, and there are already those who consider this to be a "crapware-like" move that puts Microsoft right in line with all the other partners that fill their computers with software bundles that often drives users to completely reinstall a "clean slate" Windows to get rid of.

I personally don't consider Candy Crush Saga to be any different of any other game, which includes Microsoft's own classic bundle. Especially if these added games (and other software) would help Microsoft to offer Windows 10 for free (we'll be having free Windows 10 upgrades for Windows 7/8 users, which is a start). But, in any case, there's no denying it would be a lot better if MS simply left that option up to the user. Installing a clean Windows 10, even without Solitaire, and directing users to a bundle of free software they could download and install... if they want.

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