Friday, May 8, 2015

Windows 10 will have updates 24/7

Windows users are already used to having to endure a sometimes lengthy update process on wednesdays following the so called "patch tuesdays". But with Windows 10 Microsoft will bet on a different strategy, deploying updates whenever they're ready.

Gathering a bung of updates and deploying them together once or twice a month might seem like a good idea, preventing users from facing the dreaded daily stream of app updates one faces on mobile platforms - but with the security issues so much at play, MS feels that it's better to switch to a continuous update system that ensures computers are always up to date as soon as a new update is available.

Sure, this will mean computers will become more vulnerable to potential faulty updates (it's rare, but it happens) - and that's why MS will also have a secondary update option that will do the updates at a slower rate (we hope MS will still let users decide do do updates manually.)

What we really want to know is if Windows 10 finally end the need for system reboots after some updates. Although a lot has been done with Windows 7 and 8, there are still updates that require reboots - which is kind of annoying in this day and age. Let's hope MS takes the hint from the latest Linux kernel, that finally rebootless kernel updates (there have been ways to do it for years), and also allows us to keep our machines running no matter the updates.

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