Saturday, June 13, 2015

Android M's Doze doubles the standby time on the Nexus 5

The next Android M version will come with lots of improvements, and one that will be particularly useful is the new Doze feature that will allow our smartphones to stay away from the charger for far longer than they ever did, more than doubling the standby time on a Nexus 5.

Battery life is particularly important for any mobile device, and smartphones are no exception. With the new Android M, Google added a nifty feature called "Doze", that will help save a lot of energy when you leave you smartphone on a table for several hours.

Usually, a smartphone keeps regularly checking the internet and syncing data, ensuring everything is up to date when you pick it up and turn it on. But that doesn't make much sense when you're sleeping, or have forgotten your smartphone at home. With the Doze state, Android will progressively slow down this sort of activity when no one's using the device, saving a lot of energy in the process. Instead of syncing data multiple times per hour, it might start doing so only once per hour, then once every couple of hour, or even longer.

When you pick up your device, it will revert back to regular syncing mode. You may have to wait a few seconds for things to be back up to date - though it won't be noticeable most of the time - but the battery gains far outweigh this small detail.

On the Nexus 5 some preliminary tests show that stanby time increases from 200h to over 530h!

Sure, this is a best case scenario, using only WiFi, but is serves to show just how effective the Doze state can be. If we can't get revolutionary batteries that extend the battery life of our mobile devices, at least we can try and make them as efficient and low power as possible, right? :)

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