Friday, June 12, 2015

Google's Which Phone helps you find the right Android phone for you

Choosing the right smartphone os not an easy task. There are so many models out there, with more coming out each week, that simply tracking them all requires a lot of effort. Now, Google wants to help you find the perfect Android phone for you.

Do you remember the time when there was a single Android phone, and people still didn't believe Android would one day surpass the iPhone? Probably not, but it doesn't matter. A trip to any electronics store will reveal the countless Android phones available (too many if you ask me), and the trick is... how to find the right one?

That's where Google's Which Phone comes in. This digital assistant starts by asking you which sort of things you plan to do with your smartphone: gaming, browsing the internet, messaging, taking photos, etc; (don't worry, you can select several things) and after a few more quick questions/options it will present you a list of suggestions that you'll want to look into. You can also filter the suggestions by phone size and price (no point in suggesting devices out of our price range, right?)

It sure will come in handy for all those not knowing where to start when choosing their next smartphone - but if you want an even simpler option, you can simply start by looking at our suggested smartphones list and see where it leads you to.

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