Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Apple Move to iOS app eases Android switchers

There are no perfect devices or platforms, but as things progress, it's only natural that some users grow tired and want to try the "other field". Now Apple makes things easier for Android users wanting to move to and iOS/iPhone with the Move to iOS app.

The "Move to iOS" will take care of transferring all the relevant data from an Android device to an iPhones: contacts, messages, email accounts, photos and videos, and even DRM free music. As for the apps, it will suggest you the iOS versions of free apps that you might have had installedm and will put the paid apps on your wishlist.

This sort of transition is bound to become a lot more frequente in the future, and it will serve to make people realize just how much they're getting tied into a specific platform - and how much we'd benefit from truly cross-platform apps and services. There's no point in subscribing a service that will lock you on a specific platform, which is something most people will only notice when they want to move to a different one.

For now, it's nice to see Apple acknowledge people do want to move around, even though this app will just help you move into iOS, and not out of it (but no worries, there are other apps that can help with that. :)

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