Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Film Emulator allows you to turn digital photos into "old style" pics

The times when taking a photo was something carefully pondered before you pressed the shutter button are long gone, but the love for the analog photo world remains even in this digital age - and now it's easier than ever to digitally try photos on film.

Younger generations will never understand how we endured the hassle of carefully counting the remaining photos left in the film roll, and then wait days till we got to see the actual photos. But even though digital cameras changed all that, it also took away the careful choice we made regarding which type of film we'd use.

Something that this Film Emulator brings back right on our web browsers.

At first you might think it's just another photo effects site, like Instagram. But it actually is a lot more. The site applies digital effects that mimic the characteristics of a number of different and well known photo films, each with its own results - and you can also manually tweak several parameters as well, like contrast, grain and vibrance.

I'm sure it won't be as much fun as actually developing film in a dark room, but hey... you can do it in your browser without worrying about nasty chemicals and the chance someone might open the door at the wrong time and ruin dozens of photos (usually the best ones you had! :)

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