Thursday, June 4, 2015

Touch to Search makes searching easier than ever in Chrome for Android

How many times have you selected and copied text from a web page to search for it on Google? If you answered "a lot", then you'll love the Touch to Search feature that is finally being activated on Chrome for Android.

This Touch to Search was already available on Chrome beta for a while, but is finally being enabled for the public Chrome version. What it does is to show you Google's search results for any text you select on a web page, on an overlay that you can check at will without having to move away from the page you were.

It's far more practival to use than jumping to another browser tab/window and then getting back to the current one; though it may also inspire the usual privacy issues. Those that feel that Google already knows too much about them won't like to give them even more info - in this case, about whatever they select on a page (though, there's not actually much difference if you intended to search for those terms on Google anyway.)

In any case, Google first asks you if you allow this Touch to Search feature to be enabled or not; and you can turn it on or off in Chrome's settings at any time.

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