Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ethernet adapter for Chromecast

Google's  Chromecast is possibly the most popular HDMI media streamer available, and the fact that it uses WiFi makes its installation as easy as possible. But WiFi can sometimes be troublesome, and if you'd prefer to connect your Chromecast to your wired ethernet network, Google now has you covered as well.

No one denies how convenient WiFi is. Being able to access the internet, or stream content to your TV without having to worry about connecting cables is something that would still be considered "science fiction" just decades ago. But if this true for most, there are also some that consider WiFi to be a very frustrating technology. Maybe you live in an apartment surrounded by dozens of WiFi routers and can't find a free WiFi channel to use; maybe you have a neighbor that thinks it's funny to disrupt WiFi using an old cordless phone or analog video transmitter; or maybe you're just unlucky enough to live in a "bermuda triangle" where WiFi signals simply have unexplained behavior.

No matter why, in those cases WiFi becomes a burden, and you'll sure appreciate this Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast.

The adapter is integrated in the plug-in power supply, making it easier for you to connect to your network (no need to route the cable up to wherever the TV/Chromecast might be). You just plug it in, connect it to the ethernet, and connect the regular micro USB cable to your Chromecast. Now, you'll be able to stream your movies and everything else using your wired network - and it costs just $15, which explain why it's now out of stock.

... So, for now you'll have to wait for a second batch, or rely on a USB OTG e and USB to ethernet adapter in DIY fashion..

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