Friday, July 10, 2015

Samsung is working on 11K resolution displays for your future phone

Samsung is about to provoke an heart attack on all those that think it's a nonsense to use Full HD and 2K resolution screens on smartphones; because they're not working on upping the resolution to 4K, or even 8K, but to an insane 11K resolution and 2250ppi density!

Currently, 2K (2560x1440) screens, nearing the 600ppi mark are already considered to bee overkill by some; but that's not stopping Samsung from pushing display technology further and further, to these 11K 2250ppi screens for mobile devices. Screens that simply blow out of the water the rumored 4K screens some brands might be preparing for next-gen mobile devices.

According to Samsung, this resolution and pixel density will allow screen to display images that will be virtually indistinguishable from reality, even creating a 3D effect without requiring 3D glasses.

Well, I'm all in for it. I'm a fan of high resolution displays, not to mention what screens like this would mean for other related technologies like "lightfield" screens capable of creating truly holographic 3D effects, or virtual reality goggles, where the screen door effect caused by current generation screens would become a thing of the past. If all goes according to plan, we should be able to see the first 11K prototypes by 2018.

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