Saturday, July 11, 2015

Spotify urges iOS users to save 30% by evading Apple's comission

Apple Music family pricing will force Spotify to reevaluate its prices, but right now it starts by urging its premium users to save 30% by evading the Apple tax on the App Store.

Subscription services like Spotify have to face some dire conditions if they want to be on Apple's App Store, like having to pay a 30% cut not only on the app price but also on every subscription, This means that Spotify's $9.99 monthly payment becomes $12.99, and that's something Spotify fears will make some (many?) of its current premium users to switch to Apple Music.

That's why Spotify wants to remind you that you can start saving $3 per month, by simply subscribing Spotify directly instead of via Apple's App Store. And all it takes is 3 simple steps: disabling the auto-renewal option on your iCloud account, and then subscribe Spotify directly. It may not be as straightforward as doing it via App Store, but it will save you $36 per year.

For family plans though, Spotify will still have to do more. Apple Music family plan (for up to 6 members) is much cheaper than Spotifiy's current offering. And that alone might be responsible for lots of subscribers to move to Apple's music service. For me, although I do enjoy the vast freedom of being able to listen to whatever I want, I'm not completely sold on the idea of having to pay (one more) monthly fee to mostly listen to the musics I have already paid for in full (and that, at least, are mine and won't stop playing should I ever decide to stop paying.)

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