Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Google moves (even) futher away from Google+

After forcing users to use Google+ whether they liked it or not, Google is now taking a completely opposite approach and moving away from it like the plague. You'll no longer need Google+ to use YouTube, or pretty much any other Google service in the near future.

Ever since Vic Gundotra left that we all knew Google+ clock was ticking, even though Google said otherwise. But actions speak louder than words, and the fact that all the services that were pushed into Google+ fold were now being pulled out didn't leave much to the imagination (like Google Photos).

Now, Google+ is no longer needed for anyone wanting to use YouTube, and soon you won't need it at all for any other Google Service. In fact, Google+ will be leaking more and more features, including its location sharing (ex-Google Latitude), that Google says to be already moving into the Hangouts.

Looks like Google+ will be relegated to a kind of sharing network, much to the like of the long-gone (and missed) Google Reader. Maybe if Google didn't push so hard for users to use Google+ by force things might have been different. But, as it is, it seems Google is simple fast forwarding and wanting to forget all about the (failed) Google+ era.

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