Thursday, July 30, 2015

OwnStar can take over GM's OnStar vehicles

Just a few days after we found that roughly half a million cars could be remotely hacked there's a new exploit that can remotely control GM's OnStar system.

A security researcher built a small router-like device he calls OwnStar, that allows him to do basically anything a legitimate OnStar operator could do: locate a vehicle, lock and unlock doors, and even start the engine. At least this time, users are safe from an hacker interfering with the gas or break pedal, or the steering wheel - as those systems aren't accessible remotely via OnStar.

For this hack to work you need only place the OwnStar box near the car, so it cam intercept the communications and take over the control. Apparently OnStar isn't even checking for the security certificates to ensure the communications are legitimate. And from then on, you get full control of the car.

Though scary, you won't have to worry much. This information has been passed to GM already, and apparently they've already fixed it. So, you should be safe from having to clear your car from any suspicious boxes nearby... at least, for now.

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