Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is Apple Watch burning some user's wrists?

Looks like no new Apple device can escape a problem-gate of sorts, and that applies to the Apple Watch as well, with a few reports of the smartwatch burning its user's wrists in a possible burngate affair.

With millions of Apple Watches sold, the burn reports have been extremely rare, which makes it hard to find common elements that could help narrow down the possible issues.

Most likely, this is happening to specific people having some sort of hyper sensibility to the light used by hear rate monitor sensor, particularly when used in it's highest intensity setting during workout modes; but there's also the chance that this may be happening in a small batch of defective Apple watches that are using some higher power setting or that heat up more than they should.

In any case, it's the kind of problem we all need to see sorted out as soon as possible, knowing that these issues will become increasingly common as wearables get closer and closer to our skin - not to mention when they'll inevitable get "under our skin".

The truth is, I have a friend that decided to put some tape over his smartwatch heart rate sensor so it wouldn't touch his skin... and this sort of reports seems to indicate he might have been right all along. :)

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  1. I have this problem too, but a week ago I decided to apply a mineral based sunscreen to my wrist before putting on my watch in the morning and the skin irritation is no longer a problem. Hope this helps!


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