Saturday, July 4, 2015

São João festivities in Porto, Portugal

No better day than the 4th of July to share the biggest celebration day in Porto (Portugal). São João is the day where nearly everyone comes out to the street and walk around the city enjoying all the events going on... as well as fireworks at midnight. Oh, and there are lots of small balloons streaking across the night sky as well.

São João is the day of the Porto city, and it's celebrated on night of June 23 to the 24th (if you ever plan a visit to Porto, try to make it so you catch this date - you won't regret it). It's part of the tradition to gather with friends and eat some traditional dishes (sardines, caldo verde soup, etc.) and launch a small, hot air, paper balloon - don't worry, these days they're safe in order to not create fires when they eventually fall down... unlike the "old days".

To the truly faithful to the tradition, this night takes them walking across the city, heading to the mouth of the river and the beaches, where you'd get to in the early hours of the day, in time for a invigorating bath in the cold ocean waters. Don't worry... it's "optional", you don't have to do it to enjoy this special day in Porto. :)

Well, enough said. Nothing like seeing some beautiful time lapse images of Porto in this special day.

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