Friday, July 24, 2015

Windows 10 will share your WiFi passwords with your contacts and FB friends by default

We're in full countdown mode for the Windows 10 launch, but it seems there are still some small tidbits that are bound to surprise users: like the fact that Windows 10 will share you WiFi passwords with all your contacts and friends by default.

We all known internet access is kind of a "must have" thing these days. As soon as you get anywhere, one of the first things people are more likely to do is to ask for the WiFi password so they can get connected. In that sense, Microsoft's WiFi Sense feature might look like a good thing, sharing your WiFi passwords with friends (in an encrypted way) so they can skip that process. But still... it will raise cause for concern.

The thing is, if you install a clean Windows 10, whenever you try to connect to a new WiFi network will have the choice to share that network with friends, or not. The problem is, if you upgrade to Windows 10, all your existing WiFi netwoks will be automatically shared by default. And that means, with all your contacts, Skype contacts, and Facebook friends.

As you'd might expect, that will probably include a lot of people you'd rather not share your WiFi networks with (not to mention we're not talking about home networks alone, but quite probably your WiFi network at work, friend's WiFi networks, etc.)

So, be sure to check the WiFi Sense settings when you first boot up your Windows 10 (Wi-Fi—>Network settings—>Manage Wi-Fi settings) and clear out those check-marks.

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