Saturday, July 25, 2015

ZNAPS turns microUSB and Lightning into easily attachable magnetic plugs

Tired of the daily dance routine when trying to plug your micro-USB cables to your smartphones? Worried an unexpected yank may pull them into a nasty fall and shatter their screens? ZNAPs will fix all that, with the power of magnets.

Apple's Lightning cable, and the recente USB Type-C port, take care of not having to worry about which side is up or down, but offer little to no help regarding having to plug something in. Some will undoubtedly wonder why Apple didn't keep a magsafe style approach, that snaps automatically the plug as you approach it - and that's precisely what ZNAPS promises to do, and for both lightning ports as well as microUSB.

ZNAPS consists in a small magnetic adapter you leave plugged in the lightning or microUSB port (there are 2 versions, not interchangeable as you'd might imagine) and then there's a matching magnetic socket you place in the lightning/microUSB plug in the cable. Then, plugging in is simply a matter of approaching both ends - and a yank will simply detach the cable without pulling your device off the table. It's useful for all situations, particularly for places like your car where you'd might want a faster way to detach/remove cables.

Even better, it costs just $11 CAD for a set, though you can buy as many plugs and adapters separately ($3 CAD for the plug; $8 for the adapter - there's a calculator to help you mix and match whatever you want.)

I'm already onboard, and can't wait to get my hands on these! :)

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