Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bean+ arrives on Kickstarter

Do you recall the small Bean bluetooth modules that allowed anyone easy access to all kind of projects they might think of - and could even be programmed from your smartphone? Well, now it's time we meet its younger, but larger, brother, the Bean+.

The new Bean+ is bigger than the original bean, but it can still be considered quite small (35x65mm). The interesting part is that it can now do a lot more things, like supporting more Bluetooth protocols, like MIDI, ANCS (notification system from your Apple device), HID (work as a keyboard, mouse, gamepad), and even direct communication with other Beans.

Besides all this, we also get a integrated 600mAh (LiPo) rechargeable battery, that can keep it working up to 1 year (in non-power intensive situations); extended communication range (up to 250m for smartphones; up to 400m with other Beans); and sockets that save you from picking up the soldering iron to connect a simple wire. There's also a useful switch that allows us to select if we want it to work on 3.3V or 5V.

You'll be hard pressed to find better for just $33 dólares (or $39 if you miss the early bird pack) and delivery should commence by December. Though it's a crowdfunding project, it should be said they've done a wonderful job launching the original Bean, and keep working to make it better and better. So... I think they deserve our trust (I bought a couple of Beans, and have already backed this Bean+ as well. :)

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