Monday, August 10, 2015

Apple reinforced the new iPhone 6S so it won't bend

Just like what happened with the antenna-gate, Apple once again tries to fix the bendgate issue with the new iPhones 6S - even though it never acknowledged it was actually a problem.

With the iPhone 4, Apple insistently denied there was something wrong with it, but it fixed the issue in the following models. Now, with the iPhone 6 and the upcoming 6S, the same thing happens, with Apple switching to a stronger aluminum alloy, and reinforcing its case in the weakest spots.

The new iPhone 6S case is barely larger than the current model, by mere tenths of a millimeter, but there are places like the volume button area where the wall thickness is increased by 66%, from 1.14mm to 1.9mm. That's quite a change, and along with the stronger aluminum, it should put the bendgate issue to rest once and for all.

Anyway, you can expect to see lots of people putting these new iPhones 6S to the test and see how they actually handle some not-accidental bending attempts...

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