Saturday, August 1, 2015

Google Maps can now deal with insistent "are we there yet?" questions

The latest Google Maps version not only lets you find out where you were at any given day, but it can also manage insistent  are we there yet questions.

In Portugal, we're fortunate enough to live in a country you can drive across in about half-a-day; but even so, it's natural to face "are we there yet?" questions if you have kids in the backseat.

Now, Google Maps can answer them in a funny way. The first time you ask are we there yet, it will let you know how much time is left till you reach your destination. If you insist a couple more times, it will simply tell you "no". But if you ask it once again, then you'll face the wrath of an annoyed Google Maps, that let's you know: "If you ask me again, we won't stop for ice cream!"

Well, maybe we'll really have to worry about it when we're aboard Google's driver-less cars. But for now, it will be just a fun easter egg to lighten up the ambient on board. (Anyway, I suspect these days this kind of question is far less frequent than back in the day where kids didn't have tablets nor smartphones to play around during long road trips. :)

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