Monday, August 3, 2015

Holidays 2015

Once again, we're on that time of the year where Portuguese people head to their favorite spots, whether it's the beach (most likely), the mountains, or any international destination. And we're no exception.

Though I'll do my best to keep you updated on the usual daily news, please don't take too harshly if there's no post some days. Sometimes the unexpected does happen, and all the plans go out the window.

Anyway, be sure to put technology to good use even on vacations. For instance, using Waze just saved my from getting stuck in a 15 mile highway jam, be alerting me to it and automatically rerouting me to a side road (which only took an extra 15 minutes, instead of a hour or more of start-stop traffic.)

Sadly, there were no shortage of wazers that weren't so lucky...

Then, arrived at the destination, I was once again confronted with the lousy situation of hotel WiFi service. In this case WiFi was free, but you have to go to the front desk and ask for a "login code" that expires once you reach 500MB of traffic. Worse still, if it indeed works, it's too slow for you to expect to reach that limit (not that I would trust a hotel WiFi network with my data.)

Thankfully, Vodafone 4G is working great from my room...

Reaching  63Mbps download and 48Mbps upload it's no only great, in fact it's faster than many cable/fiber connections (including my own, which has a 100Mbps download... but just 10Mbps upload.) It's kind of sad to see you could do uploads 5x faster using your smartphone than your home fiber connection, isn't it?

Well... it's time for vacations, hope I won't have to put these speed to much use... :)

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