Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Google Photo "Rediscover this day" shows what you did last summer

Where were you and what were you doing this day last year, or five years ago? Maybe you don't recall, but now Google Photos will help you with that thanks to the new "Rediscover this day" assistant card.

One of the best things of Google Photos is that you simply throw all your photos in, and it takes care of organizing it all. It automatically creates albums of the trips you made, collages of memorable photos, and even videos... all without our intervention. And now it goes one step further, into memory lane.

The Rediscover this day is a new card that will pop up (once you've given your permission to) and show what you did a few years back, hopefully uncovering great memories you had, alone or with friends. (Though I suspect someone soon will criticize this option for reminding them of memories they hoped to forget.)

Anyway, for that to happen you'll have to have all your photos on Google Photos, something that won't be a problem for all those that, like me, simply uploaded their entire photo archive to Google Photo as a backup... as well as Amazon Photos... and two extra hard drives... (hey, if it's supposed to be a backup to keep things safe, the more the better, right? :)

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