Monday, August 24, 2015

Google Maps Streetview Player turns your routes into video

Ever wished you could preview how a specific Google Maps route would look like if you were driving, or walking, it? Now you can thanks to this Google Maps Streetview Player.

Google's Streetview allows us to virtually tour around millions of miles of streets (and not only) around the world. However, the way it's done it's more akin to a old adventure game where you click to move around. Enter Google Maps Streetview Player, a site that allows you to set your origin and destination, and see how it would like if you were actually doing it.

For a more fluid experience I recommend setting the FPS settings (in the advanced section) to something like 15 to 25 fps. And, be sure to keep the cursor in the beginning of the video until it preloads enough images to not have any pauses during playback.

There's also an option to download the resulting video as an animated GIF, though it seems to work only for short routes. For larger ones and/or high FPS videos, most of the time it returns only a black image file. Anyway, nothing stops you from capturing your desktop screen and create your own video file from it.

A nice way to preview how driving around to our destination will look like... :)

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