Saturday, August 22, 2015

Giphy Cam takes the pain out of creating animated GIFs on the iPhone

If you're a fan of animated GIFs, you can now create your own GIFs in an easier than ever fashion on your iPhone thanks to Giphy Cam.

Traditional animated GIF creation apps are usually awkward to work with. But that's not the case with Giphy Cam (which for now is only available for iOS, though we expect to see it arrive on Android sooner or later). Giphy Cam makes the entire process of creating a viral animated GIF as easy as pie:

  1. select some effects and filter (which show up in real-time)
  2. press record (for up to 5 seconds)
  3. ... and that's it

Thankfully, Giphy Cam doesn't try to reinvent the wheel and lure you into yet another social network in the making, nor to flood you with the animated GIFs of your friends. The app focuses only on creating the GIF, and then it's up to you to share it on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you want. It even goes so far as using an alternative looping video for services like Instagram, which don't support animated GIFs.

Also, keep in mind that, while the image in your camera roll on the iPhone doesn't move, it is actually an animated GIF that you can use to post on the internet, or send via iMessage.

Now... can someone please tell me why the most common way to share small animated clips is a severely limited technology born in the last century? Animated GIFs should have died decades ago and give place to something better...

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