Wednesday, August 12, 2015

LastPass is now free for smartphones and tablets

LastPass is one of the most popular password management services in the market. Now, it takes a new step to become even more popular, by going free to use on mobile devices.

Even though LastPass users don't get tired of recommending it their friends, not everyone is willing to pay for something they're used to do doing for free. And now that's taken care of, as LastPass is free for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). The only catch is, the free tier only syncs your passwords with the same class of devices. So, you can sync your passwords among two of your smartphones, or two of your tablets, but not between smartphones and tablets, nor PCs.

For that, you'll have to subscribe the Premium version of the service (which isn't that expensive, by the way, at just $12 per year.) And that's precisely what LastPass hopes you'll do once you try their app and see how it all works.

However, considering that many people are now relying more and more on their mobile devices for browsing the web, I suspect some will be perfectly happy using just the free version on their smartphones and tablets - even if they end up having to set up two LastPass accounts (which shouldn't be that hard if you use our tip to turn your gmail address into multiple emails.)

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