Monday, August 17, 2015

Piece turns your iPhone into a dual-SIM phone

Dual SIM smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, but while you have no shortage of options for Android devices, for iOS things are much more limited. Piece wants to change that, and from what it can be seen on its Kickstarter campaign, there are a lot of people that think the same.

As you can't simply add another SIM to an iPhone, Piece resorts to the only possible way: using a featureless slim phone that you can use via iPhone (and not only) thanks to bluetooth. You can even use it to turn an iPod into a cell phone and make and receive voice calls.

You can think of it as the way you use your iPhone with a a bluetooth headset, but in reverse, where it's the iPhone that works as an headset - as well as managing all the things regarding the Piece screenless phone. Being only 4mm thick, the idea is that you can simply put the piece in your wallet or pocket without the bulk associated with an extra phone, and starting at $75 CAD, we can't say it's expensive - though for the same amount you can find several slime dumb phones out there (or even smartphones, if you want to)

For me, it seems a fully functional dumb phone would be a better option, as you'd be able to use it even if you didn't have your iPhone around (or had run out of battery), but there are nearly 2000 backers of Piece on Kickstarter that think otherwise.

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