Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AdBlock Browser available on iOS

After launching as beta for Android, the Adblock Browser is finally available for iOS as well - though it comes at a time when we're about to get iOS9, which will provide ways to attack adblocking plugins to Safari.

Blocking ads and tracking cookies is becoming increasingly popular, not just as way to remove annoying ads and keep your browsing private, but as a way to effectively speed up your mobile browsing. Some examples have shown that blocking ads and tracking script can reduce the time it takes to load a site from dozens to just a couple of seconds.

Now, you'll be able to do so in your iPhone or iPad (or Android device) by using the Adblock Browser.

The only issue is that with the imminent arrival of iOS9 (should be announced when tomorrow, at Apple's event), there will be no shortage of blocking plugins for Safari on iOS, which will provide the same sort of benefits without requiring you to install or use a different browser. So... you're free to try out this Adblock Browser for the next couple of days, but it's highly likely you won't have to a couple of weeks from now (if not sooner.)

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