Friday, September 18, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed - 14y old student treated as a "terrorist" for building an electronic clock

So, you'd imagine that having a 14y kid building any sort of electronic device at home, and proudly taking it to school to show to his teachers, would be something inspiring and amazing, right? Well, seems reality is a bit different, as Ahmed Mohamed sadly found out, being handcuffed and detained because his creation looked "too much like a bomb we see in the movies".

It's quite saddening that the police made deaf ears to him continuously saying that it was only a clock; and perhaps even more so that one (or more) of his teachers seems to have been so frightened, to the point of resorting to call the authorities!

I just hope that this incident makes people think if they really want a society that is governed by fear and imagines the very worst in people. And it also makes us wonder what would have happened if some other kid of a Syrian migrant had been treated the same way, when he and a friend made weird electronic contraptions in a garage.

[Steve Jobs of Syrian ascent, with Steve Wozniak]

Update: seems like President Obama himself has invited Ahmed to the White House where he hopes to see his "cool clock".

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