Thursday, September 17, 2015

Apple makes and Android app: Move to iOS

Google has no problems making dozes of apps for the iOS platform; but seeing Apple make an Android app is something many believed would only happen when "hell freezes over". Well, it seems it should be getting chilly down there, as Apple has just launched an Android app - and it's called "Move to iOS".

Well, it's no surprise that Apple 's first Android app is this Move to iOS. This app aims to ease the life of anyone with an Android device to switch to an iOS device, and the only requirements is that it's an Android 4.0 device at least, and that the iPhone or iPad you're moving to has the latest iOS9. During the initial iOS9 setup, you'll be given the chance to move the things from an Android device with this app.

The process includes moving all your photos and videos, messages, contacts, bookmarks, and Google account data; but of course it won't transfer the apps nor any data stored in-app. Anyway, you shouldn't have any trouble finding the same or identical apps on iOS, though it's kind of awkward having to pay again for apps you might have had bought already. As for movies and music you bought, it reminds us why we should fight DRM and demand the easy access to content we paid for, regardless of the platform we're using.

I'm glad to see Apple making such an app, as it will serve to remind us that users should have the freedom and the right to choose whatever platform they want, and that all content should be easily transferable from one place to another.

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