Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Android Wear smartwatches can now work with iPhones

Sad for not being able to use a Moto 360 with your iPhone? Worry no more, after the rumors of Android Wear heading for iOS, which recently gained even more traction thanks to the Huawei Watch reference to iOS compatibility, it's official at last: Android Wear is arriving on iOS.

Allowing Android Wear devices to work with iOS is something we hoped for since the very beginning. After all, iOS was one of the first smartwatch friendly platforms, creating APIs for notification access that allowed devices like Pebble to thrive while there were no other real smartwatch devices. And so, it made perfect sense for Google to take advantage of that and put its Android Wear to work on iOS.

Android Wear on iOS will work on iPhones going as far back as the iPhone 5, provided they're using iOS 8.2 or newer. Other than that, you'll be able to use your Android Wear smartwatch mostly like you would on Android. You'll have access to your iPhone notifications, see incoming calls, messages; activity tracking data; and also get Google Now's intelligent suggestions. You can even ask Google questions just like on Android, by simply saying "Ok Google".

It's a really smart move, opening up the range of Android Wear devices to iPhone users - even though for now Google is stating that only the LG Watch Urbane and upcoming devices are supported on iOS (though we've found Moto 360 to work). Something we hope to see sorted out soon, making all existing Android Wear devices iOS compatible..

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