Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Google gets new logo and it's an animated one

Google is an ever evolving company, and now that is has expanded into an entire alphabet it brings us a revamped Google logo, one that is as dynamic as the company it represents, and can turn into motion to express every kind of (e)motions.

The biggest and most striking difference is that for the new Google logo, Google let go of it's usual serif font and chose a sans-serif font (one without those tiny "details" in the letters). Serif fonts provide a more comfortable reading experience for texts, but sans-serif is usually preferred for titles and logos, as it has less clutter and scales well for tiny sizes. It also has the added advantage of compressing better (in image format) which is something that Google also looked into.

But having a single static logo isn't enough in this day and age, and the new Google logo can morph into a number of motions depending on the task at hand.
While doing a voice search, don't be surprised to see it transform into a microphone, and dancing dots that turn into a waveform like pattern as you speak, then rotating into a circle as its processing the information, moving around some more while giving a spoken response, and so on. Google logo is well suited for all these kinds of things.

Googla has already began updating its products with the new logo, but considering the dozens and dozens of services, it will take a while till all of them receive the new logo. But, should you notice anything different soon... you'll know that's what it supposed to look now.

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