Monday, September 28, 2015

Batteriser fools over 7000 backers on Indiegogo?

Indiegogo already has a shady reputation when it comes to "scam-like" projects; and now there's a new one that seems to have fooled over 7400 backers promising to extend battery life by 800%. As usual, when something sound too good to be true...

This Batteriser is a small coil that can be placed around regular batteries, and promises to expand it's life by 800%, allowing you to use all the juice left in used batteries. Its theory is sound, and that's precisely why over 7400 people may have been fooled.

As a battery is used up, it's voltage gradually drops (1.5V, 1.4V, 1.3V, and so on) down to a point when the device using it can no longer work. So, there's still some extra juice in there, and the Batteriser is a tiny voltage converter that can raise that voltage back to 1.5V, so the device can still work. But the problem is, most devices can already use batteries down to 1.1V or even 1V, and the juice left in those batteries is quite small - a long way from the claimed 800% enhancements. Even more, using Batteriser can even be worse for you battery life, as the DC-DC converter will use up some of the energy (can be 10% or more) - like some experts state.

So, in the real world, it highly doubtful Batteriser will be able to live up to the expectations, and it will certainly contribute to make even more people highly suspicious of crowdfunding campaigns.

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