Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Google about to unveil a Pixel tablet?

We're about to know what Google has in store for us a today's event - where the Nexus 5X e 6P are sure to appear, as well as a new Chromecast - but it seems there's something extra: a new 10" tablet of the "Pixel" line.

Unlike the previous Nexus 10 tablet, this new Pixel C (codename Ryu) will be presented as a "Pixel" device, like Google's high-end Chromebooks. The tablet will come with a NVIDIA X1 quad-core and Maxwell GPU, and 3GB RAM. But altough it's a Pixel by name, it won't be running Chrome OS - though you can expect a high-quality metal case like the Pixel Chromebooks. And yes, we'll also get attachable keyboards, both right as well as flexible, like the Surface/iPad Pro.

The Pixel C should also use a USB Type-C plug, just like the latest Pixel and the new Nexus, and the multicolored light bar - which by now we'd hope to have a more functional use (how about letting is choose different notification styles for it?)

As we already know mostly everything there is to know about the Nexus, this Pixel C may very well be the "surprise" of today's event. And it would indeed be a nice surprise for all those waiting for a Nexus 10 replacement. The only thing is... if Google positions it alongside the Pixel like, it's price should be higher than what we'd expect for a N10. But, we'll know soon enough.

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