Friday, September 11, 2015

Moto G 2nd bricked by update? - When updates go wrong

What's worse than having no updates for your smartphone? Having updates that brick your device and leave you staring at a boot screen that will never change. And that's what some Moto G 2nd gen users have been experiencing after the latest update.

Some users have been reporting that their Moto G 2nd gen smartphones got stuck in the boot screen after updating their devices. Some say they were able to fix it by doing a complete factory reset and wiping all their data; but others say not even that has had any effect, with the only option being returning the device to Motorola to be fixed/replaced.

Though we still need to find just how widespread this issue was (Motorola seems to have pulled the update quickly), this incident reminds us that having a proper update system isn't only about quickly deploying an update to thousands or millions of devices around the world... but also to ensure that the end user won't be left out in the cold should anything go wrong - and as we can see... it's just a matter of time (or bad luck, or both) for things to go wrong.

Besides, if you think it's annoying to have a smartphone bricked by an update, just imagine if/when it happens to your TV screen, your "smart home", or even your car?

Updates are certainly required to ensure the security and ever growing number of features and enhancements devices have today, but manufacturers need to also ensure that, should anything go wrong, there will be an easy way to revert back to the previous working state. That's the very least we can ask for.

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