Monday, September 14, 2015

Sony backtracks and says waterproof phones shouldn't be used underwater

Sony seems to have changed stance on their waterproof devices, and is now saying you shouldn't actually use them underwater.

Waterproof smartphones allow us not to worry should you need to use them under heavy rain, or leave them inside your bathroom as it fills with steam during a hot shower - not to mention the unlucky drop into water. But, Sony is now saying that their waterproof smartphones shouldn't be used underwater.

Sony is saying that the waterproof certification accounts only for a device "gently submerged" for the duration required (30 minutes at 1.5m depth, in this case), and then gently brought back up - and not actively using it underwater, for filming or other operations.

Well, I think it's just common sense that even for waterproof devices, the best thing is to keep electronic devices as far away from water as possible. However, this clearly contradicts the image Sony is selling, with their videos showing their devices being actively used underwater. So... it seems they need to get their act straight.

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