Friday, September 4, 2015

Ulefone uWear is a Apple Watch look-alike for under $30

So, you're curious about smartwatches but aren't willing to spend several hundred dollars on a Apple Watch, the only one you find good looking? How about if it cost you less than $30? That's kind of what you get with the new Ulefone uWear.

As you'd expect, "kind of" represent lots of very big differences. The Ulefone uWear has nothing to do with the Apple Watch, other than looking like it (but without the digital crown). But, on the other, it costs less than $30, and you still get a working smartwatch that can track you activity, monitor your sleep, alert you when you need to stand up and move around a bit, check incoming calls and messages, remote control media playback and camera, and so on.

In a perfect world, we'd love to see these low cost smartwatches with Android Wear, having much better integration with Android (and now working on iOS as well) but considering its price, we can't really ask for much more than what you're getting.

... You might even consider getting one if you have a real Apple Watch, and use it on your other wrist. That way, if you ever have to face a burglar asking you for your precious Apple Watch, you can simply hand them over this Ulefone uWear. :)

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