Friday, October 9, 2015

Adobe Lightroom for iOS goes (really) free

The Adobe Lightroom photo app requires no introduction, but you may want to give it another shot, now that it's finally free... for real.

The Lightroom app for iOS was free to download, but you'd soon find out that you were required to have a Creative Cloud subscription, or use the 30-day free trial. It wasn't exactly what most users would expect in a time where free photo editing apps abound in the App Store. And thankfully, Adobe thinks the same.

The Lightroom app for iPhone and iPad is now free to use, and this time it doesn't require any sort of paid subscription, not even a Creative Account, though some other apps it directs you too might still require you to have an Adobe ID. This is good news, and it's enhanced by the fact that the app has also been updated with some nifty features, such as a built-in camera, a targeted adjustment tool to edit colors in specific areas of a photo, and a ver useful dehaze tool that can literally lift the mist out of any photo.

Be sure to give it a try:

[Lightroom for iPhone | Lightroom for iPad]

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