Thursday, October 15, 2015

Blocks modular smartwatch on Kickstarter

While Google's Project Ara is showing signs of delays and added issues, the modular smartwatch Blocks seems to be progressing at a good pace, and now arrives on Kickstarter.

Blocks is being developed for a couple of years now (we've talked about it last year) and it seems it's now ready for the final push, relying on Kickstarter to get the funding needed to make it real - which shouldn't be too hard, considering it quickly gathered over half a million dollars, and is now approaching 3x the initial goal of $250k.

The idea is simple: a smartwatch you can tune to your need by adding bracelet blocks with the required functions. Maybe you value battery life, and you'll add a couple extra battery blocks; or maybe you'll prefer adding a camera or GPS; or, how about a fingerprint reader or NFC?

The base price starts at $195, but should you want 4 modules to make it "modular", then you'll have to pledge $285. It's not exactly cheap, but one can't deny the attractiveness of a system that may point the way to how future devices should be. In any case, you'll have to wait till March 2016 to get your Blocks modular smartwatch... if there aren't any unexpected delays.

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