Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Google patents method to know if you're a driver or a passenger

You shouldn't be playing around with your smartphone while driving, but most apps that care about it simply use something like "don't type while driving - click here if you're a passenger", which is just as effective as those videos that ask your age to confirm if you're over 18. Now Google wants to take another shot at it, using wearables to rat you out.

I confess I worry when I see so much time and effort devoted to fixing issues that won't ever be fixable because people will always find a way around it. Just a few years ago, someone tried fixing the typing while driving by using cell triangulation and GPS to know when users were moving too fast - completely forgetting that the user might be a passenger on the back seat.

Now, Google goes one step further, and throws even more data at it, relying an a wearable like a smartwatch to track your motion and figure out if you're likely to be the driver or a passenger.

I can't say the idea isn't interesting, from a technological point of view. But is Google so far out of touch with reality not to see what would happen if such a system was ever implemented to the point of annoying drivers? They'd simply remove their wearables as soon as they'd enter the car!

Come on Google, let's focus on the self-driving cars that remove the driver from the equation, instead of wasting time focusing on theoretical techniques that wouldn't ever work out in the real world.

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