Monday, October 26, 2015

Installing iOS updates "later" disables alarms the next day

Remember the good old days when the daylight saving time change silenced iPhones alarms all over the world? The issue is back, but this time it has to do with a seemingly nice feature Apple added in iOS 9: the delayed system updates.

When you get an iOS system update, you can bet it will arrive at the worst possible time, when you won't want to be looking at a progress bar slowly crawling through the screen for several long minutes. That's why the new option that allows the update to install automatically later, during the night as you charge your iPhone (or iPad) seems such a great idea,

The problem is, that automatic system update also means your alarms won't go off the next morning, potentially leaving you in a awkward position (unless your boss also has an iPhone and suffers the same fate as you).

One can't stop but wonder if any of the developers at Apple really uses their iPhones as an alarm clock, or maybe even if this was a well intentioned "feature", meaning that Apple developers feel they deserve to stay in bed the day following the deployment of a iOS system update. Anyway, I sure can image lots of users looking back at the times when their trusted old Nokias even blared its alarms with the phone "off".

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